Terms of Use

Lovely Terms of Use

I don’t mind the sharing of my content, in fact I encourage it! I enjoy making things for you to make use of. Read through and follow these simple guidelines before sharing on your blog. ;)

  • Please always provide a credit and link back to the original post/artwork and do not remove or crop out the ‘TransientArt.com’ watermark off of the photos. Do not remove the ‘Lauren Nash’ in the artworks.
  • When sharing free downloadable content on your blog, it should link back and be downloaded directly from www.TransientArt.com.
  • All of the blog photos, artworks, videos, digital downloads, and printables are copyright of Lauren Nash and www.TransientArt.com, unless otherwise stated, and are meant for personal use only unless there is a stated permission for commercial use.
  • I mean it. It’s not okay to take the artwork and put it on a product to sell, or repost it as your own. (It’s not nice to profit $$ off of someone else’s work you know!)
  • If you are wanting to share the entire post/tutorial, please contact me first about it.
  • If you plan to submit your own version of a free content found on www.TransientArt.com to another site such as Craftgawker, Pinterest, etc; please state {compliments of TransientArt.com} in the description area of the submission. Do not submit the direct photos from my website onto to any of these kinds of sites. (I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to use your own photographs you worked hard on!)
  • You can embed my YouTube videos onto your blog. Short clips are okay to use in your own videos too with a reference and annotation linking to my username ‘TRANSiENTART’ at an appropriate point in the video.
  • Tattoos are a ‘personal use’ thing too, I don’t mind if you get a tattoo of my art done up. (send me a picture when it’s finished!)

*All photos by Lauren Nash unless otherwise stated.

Terms last updated: November 4, 2013

Thank you so much! :heart:


For a more thorough Terms of Use and Disclosure please click here.
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